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Bokeh Solutions believes in constant training and knowledge transfer. In IT there is a concept of layered security, the most important layer to defend against any type of cyber attack is the end user. Nowadays even the most secure infrastructure is vulnerable to social engineering attacks that are performed to the user, a well trained user should be less vulnerable to this types of attacks because now it should recognize it.

Bokeh Solutions has many years of global experience in different industries and in different geographical locations. We can use this experience to offer training to our costumers through our online platform or on-site.

Online Training

Bokeh Solutions can help companies that are looking to incorporate a new online training program. It could be a recurrent or a one shot training. The advantages of online training greatly outweigh those of face-to-face or classroom learning. Efficiency are extremely important to businesses today, and many organizations are turning to online training to save money, time, and energy.

Online training platforms let you update the curriculum of the course, supporting material and lesson plans quickly and easily. Given the savings that online training can generate, a company can benefit after implementing a program like this, lower costs. If you are planning to do a recurrent Information Security Awareness training to your employees, please contact us.

On-Site Training

If it is required after a project, a knowledge transfer of certain technology or system to a group of person on site, Bokeh Solutions can help you to achieve this training. Our trainers are highly skilled and the course curriculum could be adapted to your specific situation. This training can also leverage the production or developer environment of the client to provide a more hands-on and realistic training for your employees.