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Bokeh Solutions has many years of global experience in different industries and in different geographical locations. We use this experience to offer General IT Services to our costumers, driven by policies, structured processes and supporting procedures in order to deliver world class services. We architect, plan, operate, support and control highly specialized solutions to achieve the perfect balance between Total Cost of Ownership, Flexibility, Availability and Reliability on any environment that we work on.

We focus to improve IT operations and we can assemble the best team to help your business achieve its goals. As an IT service company we leverage our unique perspective within our client's organization to deliver proven General IT Solutions that not only work in theory but also where it matters most: in practice.

Architecture / Projects

If you have a specific project to execute, like an installation, configuration of a new or existing system and/or application, Bokeh Solutions can offer its experience to provide you with the best team and procedures to fulfill your needs. We leverage new project management methodologies like "Agile" or traditional ones to achieve your goal. If you do not have an specific project to execute but just an idea we can provide you with a full deployment plan to convert that idea into a reality...

Managed Services

We provide Managed IT Services for your applications and infrastructure needs on-site or remotely. Our Managed IT Services offer a scalable delivery model to help you achieve your business objectives. We can also define and optimize your infrastructure and/or the configuration of your resources to accomplish tasks that you have in mind, from lower your total cost of ownership to achieve higher levels of performance, all this within the defined SLAs between you and Bokeh Solutions.


If one or all of your services are acting up and you are not satisfied with their performance, an Audit of your platform and/or infrastructure can give you more insight of what and why is happening, this service is going to tell you the gaps between your platform and the industry best practices in order to close the gaps and work towards the improvement of your IT Services.


What is not measured can not be improved! For a preventive or reactive event we can offer on-site or remote monitoring of your platform and infrastructure using open-source and/or commercial products. We are on-call around the clock, and we can guarantee emergency response times to give you a full peace of mind that your platform/infrastructure will be available up and running following predefined SLAs.