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Bokeh Solutions has many years of global experience in different industries and in different geographical locations. We use this experience to offer Cybersecurity Services to our costumers, driven by policies, structured processes and supporting procedures in order to deliver world class Information Security.

Cyber Attacks, Unauthorized Access and Data Leakage are threats to organizations globally. At Bokeh Solutions, Cyber Security Services can help organizations apply appropriate information security measures and policies, by providing Solutions to Data Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability; Offering strategic advisory consulting, incident response, architecture, Security on the Cloud and managed security services.

Architecture / Projects

Do you know that only takes less than 5 minutes for a server to be scanned for vulnerabilities as soon is exposed to a public network? If your infrastructure is vulnerable it will take not too much longer to have a security breach where critical data can be exposed. We commit to you as your cybersecurity partner to personally engage with any security project or idea that you have in mind from architecture to implementation, using new project management methodologies like "Agile" or traditional ones to achieve your goal, and also using the latest security trends and technologies from our business partners.

Managed Services

We provide Managed Cybersecurity Services for your needs on-site or remotely. From vulnerability management of your infrastructure, Firewall Rule Management, Web Filtering, Network Access Control, Site to Site and Remote VPN's, Denial of Service Attack Mitigations to incident responses; You will find in Bokeh Solutions the best Cybersecurity partner to protect your business. We can also define and optimize your infrastructure and/or the configuration of your information security resources to accomplish tasks that you have in mind, from lower your total cost of ownership to achieve higher levels of performance, all this within the defined SLAs.


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Audits / PenTests

Cybersecurity is a living thing that evolves constantly, an infrastructure that was secure one day ago could not be secure anymore now, because a zero day attack on the wild or a new vulnerability found by a vendor. Constant audits of your infrastructure, vulnerability scan, internal and external penetration tests can give you information about where you stand and how far away are you to a good secured infrastructure or best security practices in the industry.

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What is not measured can not be improved! In Enterprise or Datacenter environments monitoring the security of the systems that sustain the whole business operation is critical, also to react with time when there are indications of vulnerability risks, infrastructure scanning, or with security events already happening, we can offer on-site or remote monitoring of your platform and infrastructure using open-source and/or commercial products. We are on-call around the clock, and we can guarantee emergency response times to give you a full peace of mind that your platform/infrastructure will be available up and running following predefined SLAs.