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We are a team of like-minded professionals passionate about delivering unparalleled IT services to businesses of all size. We draw on years of in-depth industry experience, along with numerous certifications and a solid global understanding, having worked in the US, Europe and South America. Our team brings assurance to each client and unique awareness to each project. Every day, we look for new ways to learn, adapt and succeed.

Audit your Infrastructure

If your solutions are already implemented but they are not up to your business standards. We can audit your whole infrastructure or just a part of it, to get a picture of where your infrastructure stands so we can identify gaps, improve reliability and/or availability and/or solve any specific problems that are caused by poor design and/or implementation. 

Architecture, Install and Manage your IT

The most critical step on a In-Focus IT Infrastructure and/or Service is the Architecture. From General IT Services, Neworking or CyberSecurity once it is designed, we can Install it and Manage it using the technology that is best suited for your Business...

Cloud and Virtualization

Whichever is your requirements for Virtualization, Private or Public Cloud and your interconnection with your local and/or remote offices... Bokeh Solutions can help you to use this technologies to give you a more flexible, reliable, cost-effective and available IT environment.


Bokeh Solutions leverage a few key things to deliver our Services and Solutions: 

By having a qualified team, constantly trained and certified in key IT areas

 By using modern Project Management Techniques like Agile to deliver our projects 

 By delivering solutions and services supported by our partners

 To be always informed on new technologies and/or solutions

 By thinking outside the box to solve problems and to architecture new solutions

 By treating each one of our clients as our own business

 Delivering Cost Effective Solutions and/or Services

At Bokeh Solutions, we believe in offering customizable IT services, networking, cybersecurity and cloud computing that matches the demands of your growing business. Our innovative approach and global experience enable us to confidently work across a broad range of industries, sharing our expertise and knowledge to move your business forward. By concentrating on high-end networking, cloud computing/virtualization and cybersecurity services, we are putting the focus back where it matters: on you and your business.

Bringing cloud computing, cybersecurity and efficient connectivity to clients who see the value of superior and cost effective IT Services and Solutions.

Global Experience

Our Team has been working with top IT Infrastructures on Enterprise and ISP environments in the US, Europe and South America.

Flexible Solutions

Our team has been always working on very dynamic environments, where flexibility on the Architectures and/or Services is a must. This allows Bokeh Solutions to deliver very flexible solutions to our clients.

Non Encapsulated Solutions

We do not believe on one solution fits all, all our solutions has a purpose keeping the client and the client's business in mind.

Tailored Solutions

We work with a world class partners, but that does not means that our solutions are going to push against predefined solutions. We can propose Open Source Solutions as well as commercial products if the solution and/or the client needs it. Without forgetting that this solutions will be manageable by us or by whoever the client consider.

Personalized Services

We really believe that our client's businesses are our own. Expect from Bokeh Solutions all the commitment necessary to deliver state of the art solutions adapted to the client needs. Our client's success is our success.

Efficiency and Efficacy

We believe firmly on efficiency and efficacy, our solutions and processes are efficient and effective. We always look forward to embrace change and keeping up to date on new technologies.